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measuring your dogs neck

How a collar will fit on your dog depends largely on preference of how you like it to fit. Some owners prefer a more snug fit, while others like to be able to slip their dogs collar on and off with ease.  Regardless of how you like it to fit, here are some tips to make sure you get the measurements right. 


Make sure that your dog is standing on all fours in a neutral, forward-facing position

Try to measure midway up your dogs neck. Not too low on their neck, not too high up near the base of their skull.

Leave 1-2 fingers room under the collar 

If going with a classic belt buckle style and you have a growing puppy, add 2 inches to the measurement you provide us. This will ensure that the collar fits for longer.                    

When measuring your dogs collar, first take it off of your dog and lay it on a flat surface for most accurate             measurement (see videos for details on how to measure collars.)  


measuring a classic buckle collar

measuring a quick-release buckle collar

martingales and slip-on collars

When measuring for collars that slip over the head, you'll have to take two measurements; one of your dogs neck and another of of the largest part of their head. 


Image by Camylla Battani

measurement 'A'

measurement 'B'

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