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Oh, honey --The Ellis is one of our favourite designs. It was made with inspiration from The Bennett in minimalism and simplicity but with the elegance factor turned all the way up. 


Solid brass for all of the hardware and a Biothane webbing tab to tuck away any access length. This tab comes standard as matching with the body, but you can head to the Design Your Own section of the website if you’d like to add a pop of colour.


This design is especially great for smaller hounds who want the colours of The Zoë but not the added bulk, as it comes in at an overall lower weight than The Bennett or The Zoë.


** The webbing tab is not for attaching collars or tags **

The Ellis Collar | Sea Glass

PriceFrom C$31.00
  • Collar Size Collar Width
    Extra Extra Small 0.50"
    Extra Small 0.625"
    Small 0.75"
    Medium 1.00"
    Large  1.00"
    Extra Large  1.00"



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