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Your new favourite reusable bag is here!

We’ve collaborated with The Market Bags to design these stylish and cute canvas totes that can carry— as the name suggests— stuff for your dog.

This generous-sized GRS Certified recycled cotton tote bag is the grocery shoppers' dream. You can pack and stack all of your groceries as well as carry all of your smaller produce and bulk bags, jars and more.

Whether it's a trip to the farmer's market or your local grocery store, we've got you covered. Substitute the cheap plastic "reusable bags" with our beautiful, long-lasting canvas tote bag made from natural fibres.

The handles are made with authentic Beta Series BioThane so that you can match your dog and really lean into your Dog Mom (or Dog Dad) Era

They can be used to carry sticks you find at the beach, all the ingredients to make pup-friendly cookies or all of your hound’s supplies for a night away at their besties.

The Dog Mom Tote

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