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Along with the collar by the same name, the Bennett Leash is also one of our very first products to make it into the hall of fame. It is by far our most treasured piece of dog gear among our customers and we know it will continue to make waves for years to come.


What makes the Bennett Leash so special? For starters it looks amazing. It is sleek in design, and made with solid brass (even the rivets!) and as always, we only ever use 100% authentic Biothane BETA. 


Next up, we have a few of the defining features of this one-of-a-kind leash


- A D-Ring at the base of the handle to allow for attaching AirPods cases, poop bags or house keys. 


- A D-Ring is also placed at the base of the collar to allow the Bennett Leash to transition into a leash with optional handle (see photos). This is a great option if you’re like us and prefer to hold the leash with two hands— especially if your dog is a puller.


- Pull the leash through that D-ring a bit more and the leash becomes a walking/traffic lead for when you want your dog to stick by your side— great for inside shops, busy trails or at the vet.


- You can wear the leash cross-body when your dog is off leash on the trail or at the lake. Simply wrap it across your back diagonally and clip the snaphook to the D-Ring at base of the handle— no more losing your leash!


- As with all of our leashes, the Bennett Leash comes triple-riveted at each stress point to ensure optimal strength and reliability.


** The Okanagan Hound Keychain is not compatible with the WIDE Bennett Leash ** 

The Bennett Lead | 6 Foot

PriceFrom C$55.00
Choose a Colour
  • ** The WIDE Bennett Leash is NOT compatible with the Okanagan Hound Keychain **

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