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The Bennett Collar is the original Okanagan Hound piece. It was the first to make its way into our now-permanent collection, and there’s good reason as to why it has stood the test of time.


It comes standard with 100% solid brass hardware (including the rivets!) It comes in a variety of bright options, and we only ever use authentic Biothane for our webbing. Lastly we seal of the edges not each collar we make to ensure long lasting waterproof wear.


The Bennett Collar is extremely durable against not only the natural elements—rain, mud, salt water— but also against wear and tear from daily on-leash use. 


Simply wipe down with a wet, soapy sponge and wipe dry to get the collar back to its original perfection.


For all of these reasons and many more, we believe that The Bennett Collar should be part of every dog owners arsenal. 


The Bennett Collar | Canary

PriceFrom C$31.00
  • Collar Size Collar Width
    Extra Extra Small 0.50"
    Extra Small 0.625"
    Small 0.75"
    Medium 1.00"
    Large  1.00"
    Extra Large  1.00"



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