Image by Brooke Cagle


We created the Bennett with minimalism in mind. With simple and monochrome design, it is perfect as your go-to collar.

With two separate rings, you can attach your dog's name tag to one and their matching Bennett leash to the other. The second ring is perfect for tucking away any excess webbing.

As with all of our items, the Bennett is waterproof, vegan and anti-microbial.


The Abbott is another one of our essential designs. It is monochromatic, but unlike the Bennett which uses a classic belt buckle-style closure, the Abbott uses a quick, side-release clasp. This is great for quickly getting the collar on and off of your hound. It is also a godsend for those who struggle with the classic buckle.

Another great feature of the Abbott is that it is sized specifically to fit your dog. Take the guess work out of choosing a size by having one made to your dog's exact measurements. 




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Whereas the other designs are named after landmarks of the Okanagan, the Zoë is named after our dear friend who was the first person to ask if we could make a two-toned collar for her two pups Goose and Maisey. We loved the final product so much that we decided to keep them on deck as a permanent part of our collection.

This lovely piece is made with two colours as well as a webbing tab to tuck any excess strap as well as give that extra 'pop' of colour.


Our favourite use of the Zoë design is for owners with multiple dogs who want them to be matchy, but not like matchy-matchy. You know?


Oh, honey.


The Ellis is one of our favourite designs. Similar to the Bennett in minimalism and simplicity but with the elegance factor turned all the way up. The webbing tab can be made to match the rest of the collar or different to add a pop of colour. 



brown short coated dog looking out the w

The Wilden is our most embellished design.


It is styled with a classic belt buckle closure and an o-ring on the back. In addition it is detailed with wrapped wax thread, which is also waterproof. 


The Wilden is made for low-impact wear and not intended for rough use. 

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